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Editing and Coaching Services

Everyone needs an editor.  Whether you are a student or a professional, whether it’s your fourth book or your first time writing a research paper, everyone needs an objective pair of eyes on their work.  In addition to checking for grammatical correctness and adherence to style guidelines, an editor can provide feedback on the effectiveness of your argument or the intelligibility of your research to an informed but non-specialist audience.

I offer editing services to businesses, fellow academics, and graduate students.  In my seven years of experience as a teacher and freelance editor, I have worked on a variety of projects, including MA Theses, dissertations, websites, marketing materials, book manuscripts, and research papers.  For students, I also offer coaching (online or in person for those in the Austin area) on the writing process.  All services for students are provided in such a way that conforms with academic honesty.  I will not write your paper for you, and I do not accept my own students as clients.

I am well versed and maintain a reference library on all major citation styles (MLA, Chicago, APA).

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Use the contact form below or email me at asquires08@gmail.com for a free quote.  Include a full description of your project with an approximate page count and a time frame for delivery.  All billing is done through PayPal.

Image Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt